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Maintaining your pool is much less fun than enjoying poolside fun in the sun. If you find yourself spending more time worrying over chemicals than you do splashing around with your loved ones, you should consider a pool service contract with Poolman.

The Poolman family believes in long-lasting, high-quality relationships and our investment in your swimming pool experience is our way of proving it.

Poolman has four tiers of pool cleaning & maintenance services. All services are performed on a weekly basis.

  • Premium Plus Advantage Pool Plan (APP): The Premium Plus APP includes the services in the Premium Plan plus the use of a company owned Salt Chlorine Generator. Customers will also receive an 10% discount on Labor and 5% discount on Products for any repairs needed to the pool equipment with service.

  • Premium: The hands-off approach. The Premium Pool Maintenance Plan is a hands-off approach and includes sanitation and cleaning. Weekly service includes brushing, vacuuming, skimming, chemical balancing (as needed), emptying baskets and backwashing (if applicable).

  • Basic Plus Advantage Pool Plan (APP): The Basic Plus APP includes the services in the Basic Plan plus the use of a company owned Salt Chlorine Generator. Use of the Salt Chlorine Generator is a green and healthy initiative.

  • Basic: Worry free. The Basic Pool Maintenance Plan addresses the sanitation, circulation, filtration and chemical balance of your swimming pool. Weekly service includes chemical balancing (as needed), emptying baskets and backwashing (if applicable). This program is the perfect compliment to your automatic vacuum system such as Hayward, Baracuda, Kreepy, etc.

Benefits of the Poolman Salt Chlorine Generator included with our Advantage Pool Plan include:

  • Saltwater is proven to be soft and soothing and will moisturize your skin and hair
  • Salt-chlorinated water means swimming with your eyes open becomes a truly enjoyable experience
  • Our salt-chlorinated system means your pool’s water will always be in perfect balance, improving water quality
  • Poolman’s Salt System reduces the need to carry chlorine gas on our vehicles or place chlorine tabs that are potentially harmful to the environment

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I have been with Poolman since 1989, in three different homes, and have never been more proud of a company I do business with.
N. Wulff
Poolman Customer
I've been with Poolman for eight years. They have at every level delivered great customer service.
Victoria M.
Poolman Customer
Since Chris has taken over 2 of our pools we have not had to close our pools due to chemical imbalances, etc. Our pools are beautiful and blue.
J. and G. Shaw
Poolman Customer
We've been using Poolman for almost 7 years. I would highly recommend them.
Richard R.
Poolman Customer

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